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Strategic Comm. / Creative Services

Axcella™ is pioneering a new class of products called Designed Amino Acid Compositions (DAAC™), rationally designed product candidates that are intended to leverage the diversity and synergy of amino acid biology in order to restore health across a network of dysregulated pathways. The company brought on MBI to not only help refine the overall brand, platform and messaging, but also to create a new website and graphics to act as vehicles to tell their complex science and story in simple and straightforward ways.


Axcella’s former website was full of old, vague messaging that regularly brought on extensive questions from outside visitors trying to discern what the company did. MBI’s role was to revamp their company story, succinctly explain the new class of products they were developing (DAAC) and how they were doing so (Axcellerator™ platform), and create new graphics to conceptualize these complex abstract ideas. With a goal of launching the new website and messaging prior to the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, collaboration between Axcella and the MBI creative and account teams led to clear and concise messaging with a visually stunning backdrop to present these new concepts. 



Axcella, in collaboration with MBI, successfully launched their new website right before the Christmas holiday to rave reviews from their internal team and Board of Directors. As a result of the new, clear messaging and vibrant, engaging website, the company has welcomed continuous, spontaneous praise from outside investors and potential partners for the content and visuals since the launch.