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Corporate Comm. / Creative Services

Before closing a financing that would take the company public, Enumeral asked MBI to develop new messaging and a brand that would reflect the company’s investment thesis and business strategy. Enumeral’s existing branding, logo, website and collateral materials at the time did not accurately portray a company well positioned to transform immunotherapy drug discovery and development.

Corporate Communications

We first worked with Enumeral to create a new positioning statement:

“Enumeral is discovering and developing novel antibody immunotherapies that help the immune system attack diseased cells. We believe we have a unique ability to extensively interrogate the human immune microenvironment for candidate selection and validation. We believe our unique capabilities enable us to measure drug effects in a patient-specific manner, providing the basis for developing best-in-class product candidates, based on a fundamental understanding of how immunotherapies work in each patient. We are building a pipeline of immunomodulators for the treatment of cancer and inflammatory diseases and leveraging the breadth of our technology through strategic collaborations.”

Visual Messaging & Branding

When designing the visual language it was important to accurately reflect “The Power of Human” and maintain consistency with Enumeral’s new positioning. MBI created a custom font and color scheme to reflect immunotherapy harnessing the immune system to fight disease, which is prominently featured in the logo.


Enumeral’s technology is quite complex, and there were no existing visual aids to convey the value and potential of the company’s technology which could be used on the new website. Conversations with Enumeral about new illustrations quickly led to a rough storyboard and draft script for an animation. Without going into unnecessary technical detail, MBI animated the core message that when applied to cells derived from patient biopsy samples, Enumeral’s platform may predict which antibody candidates have the characteristics essential to becoming safe and effective drugs.


Continuing to carry over the theme of “The Power of Human,” MBI kept in mind the principle that immunotherapy cannot be accurately modeled in animals; real human response is needed. The power of antibody immunotherapies is the potential to reprogram and augment the immune system. MBI proposed an abstract graphical representation of the immune system and the color gradient developed for the logo to reflect this. Content was completely redeveloped and kept in line with regulatory filings.


To complete the brand refresh, we extended this new visual language to a host of other print and presentation materials including new stationery and presentation template.