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Frequency Therapeutics

Strategic Comm. / Creative Services

Frequency Therapeutics develops small molecule drugs that activate progenitor cells within the body to restore healthy tissue to address hearing loss and other major unmet needs. Prior to engaging with MBI, Frequency had been operating in stealth mode and needed a communications firm to help them craft their corporate positioning and messaging, and guide them through the public launch of the company. A key question that we needed to resolve was whether Frequency is a "hearing loss company" or a "regenerative medicine 2.0 company"? And there was also the hurdle of explaining what exactly a progenitor cell does.


Frequency’s original goal was to plan a full launch around the completion of their Series A financing. However, an important manuscript by the company’s scientific founders describing breakthrough work foundational to Frequency’s approach was accepted and scheduled to publish earlier than expected. We quickly adjusted to launch the company in two stages – first to a more scientific audience around the publication and then to the broader industry and business audiences around the Series A.


Because the hearing loss field is getting increasingly crowded with competition, we decided that while hearing loss was Frequency’s lead indication, it was important to maintain recognition for the broader regenerative potential of the company’s scientific approach. We started by first defining Frequency’s corporate positioning, including branding the company’s platform technology: "Progenitor Cell Activation". From there we developed a full publication strategy to reach both hearing loss and regenerative medicine audiences, designed and launched a new corporate website, and executed on a proactive public relations and social media strategy.