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Chris Matranga

Director, Online Development

Chris Matranga is Director of Online Development at MBI and its Lab @ MBI creative group. Chris brings extensive experience in website production, interactive media development, internet marketing strategy and website analytics, and has become a specialist in online development within the life sciences industry. Chris established his go-to web-guru reputation at BioBehavioral Diagnostics, Ardais Corporation and Feinstein Kean Healthcare, where he serviced the online needs of such clients as the National Cancer Institute, Novartis and PhRMA, among a broad assortment of other life sciences companies. Chris graduated from Rider University in Lawrenceville, NJ, with a Bachelor's degree in business administration and computer information systems.
5 things you always wanted to know about Chris:

Myself being a gadget guy, I can live without a cell phone not having internet access...
as for my GPS, that is a must have no matter where I travel to.

Something I like to do when possible is...
recycle and reuse almost anything, but I keep running out of space to save it all.

One of my favorite kinds of vacations is...
taking a road trip to a new place with no detailed plans and exploring everything.

My favorite meal...
a cheese steak with grilled onions and tall glass of iced tea.

How I organize my email is not one of conventional ways...
but it is simplicity at its best with just one inbox folder. I always know where to find that last email from someone with the help of a search box.