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Gretchen Schweitzer

Managing Director, Europe

Gretchen L.P. Schweitzer leads the Munich office for MacDougall Biomedical Communications and joined in 2013 as Senior Vice President. By establishing MBI's European presence, Gretchen provides the breadth of 20 years as a strategic communicator in the global biopharmaceutical industry to companies ranging from early-stage innovators to Nasdaq-listed leaders in the sector. She is an expert and a believer in coordinated corporate communications, using investor relations, media relations and effective positioning to achieve her clients' corporate goals. Before forming Schweitzer Consulting in 2006, Gretchen was Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Communications at Ingenium Pharmaceuticals AG, a privately held biotechnology company located in Munich. Gretchen also spent eight years at Feinstein Kean Healthcare. In her last position as Executive Vice President, she oversaw the entire Corporate Practice, advising over 50 biotechnology and pharmaceutical clients, ranging from early-stage start-up and privately-held companies to publicly-traded and multi-national biopharmaceutical and industry organizations. Gretchen graduated from Dartmouth College with a Bachelor’s degree and went on to complete a year of post-graduate study at Universitaet Hamburg in Germany.
5 things you always wanted to know about Gretchen:

Only in Munich for the weekend, you've got to...
rent a bike to see the city and then take it out to the paths along the river. No matter which way you go there will be a beautiful biergarten or rustic Bavarian tavern with fantastic food and beer.

The Gretchen Question is...
for all those non-German-speakers out there - for any problem situation, it’s the one fundamental question that everyone wants to ask but no one wants to answer. My favorite!

Five albums I can't live without...
rickie Lee Jones “Pirates”; Weather Report “The Sporting Life”; Kraftwerk “Tour de France”; Soundtrack to “Until the End of the World” from Wim Wenders; any Mozart opera.

The L.P. stands for...
Long Playing or Liquid Petroleum, depending.

Back in the day, I was...
a star on the stage.