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Lindsey Pollock

Graphic Designer

Lindsey Pollock is a Graphic Designer at MacDougall Biomedical Communications. A transplant from San Francisco, Lindsey came to Cambridge in search of seasons, adventure and lobster. She brings nearly a decade of design experience specializing in branding and creative endeavors for individuals, companies and Silicon Valley start-ups including Hendo Hover/Arx Pax, famous for harnessing real-life hover board technology. A graduate of Loyola Marymount University with a BFA in Graphic Design and a Minor in Art History, Lindsey’s love of travel and art also led her to an impactful design internship in Barcelona, Spain where she worked in the creative department for the Spanish magazine, Le City Deluxe.
5 things you always wanted to know about Lindsey:

I've read almost everything ever written by...
David Sedaris.

Six albums I can't live without:
“Songs for the Deaf” by Queens of the Stone Age, “Let’s Face It” by Mighty Mighty Bosstones, “Stranger Than Fiction” by Bad Religion, “Red” by Black Uhuru, “Self titled album” by The Devil Makes Three, “Tragic Kingdom” by No Doubt

If I get stuck on an island, it better be...
Maui and the banana bread and tiki drinks must be plentiful.

If I didn’t have to work on Tuesday, I would...
go skiing or take my dog to the beach.

When I hop in the car I...
crank up my music and look for curvy, swervy, glorious open road. Driving is my Zen, my temple, my church. Topped off with a pit stop at a local, divey joint.